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On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Howard wrote:

>   Thanks to Chris's post, and his web page, I found a new shop
> in Germany for twist-to-solve puzzles.  It is
> Hendrik Haak's Puzzle Shop

Actually, that's been around for well over a year now... He has, however,
just recently undergone a major change on his site, including adding a
museum section with lots of really twisted puzzles. Anyone on this list
who checks it out should get a plastic keyboard cover to avoid its
shorting out due to the inevitable salivation. A few notables to check out
are the Skewb Diamond, the Extended Cube, the Mushroom, and the Rubik's
Revenge Special. If anyone can tell me how this is constructed, I'd really
like to know about it.

>   Has anyone in the group ordered from this shop and what
> have been your results?  I especially like the looks of the
> dogic, octagon, mozaika, and octaedercube puzzles.

Is the octaeder the Magic Octohedron, or the Cuboctohedron? I placed
several puzzles on order with him over a month ago, but he only shipped
them out some time last week as there were several he didn't have in
stock. Apparently, once they're shipped they take about 6 weeks to reach
North America, unless you expedite the service. I asked him about it, but
he just kept telling me "$19 for surface mail". :-/

> Has anyone
> tried these, and does anyone have pictures of them in mid-twist,
> on their web pages?

I've placed the Dogic on order... it looks especially nightmarish, but
everyone I've heard from who's tried it claimed it was really easy to
solve. Given that it's a superset of the Impossiball, I'd think it would
be particularly painful. I guess I'll find out once it arrives. The
Mozaika I haven't seen yet, but it doesn't look all that difficult... Then
again, I also thought that including a hint book with the Square-1 was an
insult to the intelligence and that anyone with as much experience as I
had with Rubik's Cube and similar puzzles should have no problem with it
before I found out just how wrong I was (it took over a year for me to
solve it once), so who's to say? For the other two... if you mean the
"Octagon barrel", it's basically a Rubik's Cube subset, The Magic
Octahedron can be solved as 2 Pyraminxen slammed back to back, and the
Cuboctohedron, being no more than a Rubik's Cube with huge chunks sliced
out of it, would be solved the same way. As for pictures showing puzzles
in mid twist, the only site I'm aware of with pictures like that would be
Chris and Kori's page. L8r.

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