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From: (Wei-Hwa Huang)
Subject: Re: Rubik's Cube Perpetual Calendar
Date: 7 Aug 1999 18:53:51 GMT
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Corey Folkerts <> writes:
>I've attached a jpg of how I arranged all the characters. I make
>no guarantees that is works, but I'm pretty sure it does.
>Sorry to those of you who can't receive files. I would have made the
>drawing ASCII, but I can't make upside or sideways characters =(

>-Corey Folkerts

>[Moderator's note: I don't send binary attachments out on this list.
> However, I was able to decode Corey's picture, and here's a diagram.
> Sorry for the delay in sending this message out. --Dan ]

For those of you who want to see the original jpg, I've put it on my
website at

If anyone else would like to share graphics and stuff with the rest of
cube-lovers, I can provide similar services.  Offer good until I get
overwhelmed (not likely, I think).

Wei-Hwa Huang,,
It's not sarcasm.  It's reductio ad absurdum.

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