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From: Nichael Cramer <>
Subject: A Simple Rubik's Race Page.
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The recent flurry of messages surround the revitalization of this list
finally prompted me to finish up (well, mostly...) something that's been
sitting around on my back burner for some time.

A few years back, I happened to pick up (for 10cents) a copy of the Rubik's
Race game at a local rummage sale.  Having never seen the game before, I
posted a description of the game to this list.

That posting --living on in the archives of this list-- seems to be just
about the only reference to the game on the 'net.  Consequently, every six
months or so I get a message from someone wanting more information about
the game or --more likely-- want to know where they can get a copy.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to throw together a small "Rubik's
Race" webpage.  I still need to get to a scanner, so none of the promised
pictures are there (yet).  But the page contains a description of the game
and a Java Applet to allow the viewer to play a "solitaire" version of the


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